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Apr 26
Joan's message of hope


Joan's message of hope​

          We are living in a time of seasonal change. For those of us in Canada, that will mean new life in nature as spring begins to blossom. For my friends in New Zealand, autumn is now approaching.

          I love the seasons. They provide variety to everyday life, and we can compare them to the seasons of everyday life. Think about a deciduous tree and how it lies in wait with its bare limbs through winter and then, as the sun warms this winter tree, new buds appear.

          It is the same for us when we are born, our parents' love acts like the sunshine for that hibernating tree. We grow and learn our life lessons from those around us who love us, and suddenly, we arrive at the summer of life.

          For the tree, summers pass quickly and it is the same for us. We live our twenties and thirties and forties in such busyness that this time passes quickly. Then, we arrive at the autumn of our lives; the time of middle age. For some, this is glorious, and like the magnificent autumn colours that we enjoy as the leaves change, we too are changing. Our lives are more fulfilled now from the tasks we have accomplished through that fast and furious youth.

          As the season of winter approaches, the trees lose their leaves. They remain strong and though naked, they will prepare for their season of waiting. It is the same for those who have arrived at their seventh and eighth decade of living. They await the ultimate change that will come; the end of this chapter of their life.

          For all who believe in eternal life, the final season should be one of joy. If they are fortunate to have had children, their life is rich with the love of grandchildren whose love can be unconditional. For the elderly, their hearts are often filled with wonderful memories of times shared with families and friends.

          Let us think of death as another seasonal change. We all know that after winter comes the joy of spring, and new life. It is the same for faithful Christians who will enter an eternal springtime when their final day has been lived.

Joan Levy Earle​