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Mar 23
Joan's message of hope


Joan's message of hope​

On March 25th, the Catholic Church commemorates the Feast of the Annunciation when the Angel Gabriel greeted a young woman named Mary and announced to her that God was calling her to be the Mother of His Son Jesus.

Mary said "Be it done according to your word."  She was told: "Fear not."

This must have been a challenge for her.  No doubt, Mary was concerned; how could she become a mother without first knowing a man?  But the Angel assured Mary that the Holy Spirit would enable this to happen.

We should all be grateful for Mary's consent to bear the Son of God.  Her example of trust and faith in the future can teach all of us that with God everything is possible.  We need not fear to accept difficult challenges in our lives; as believers, we have help.  We are not walking alone.  He is with us.

Mary, the Mother of Jesus, promised the world when she visited Fatima in 1917 that if we pray the rosary, faithfully, that one day there will be peace.  World peace begins in hearts, progresses to homes, and then to neighbourhoods.  Through prayer, each of us can say yes to God and become His helpmates.

Imagine if every world leader knelt before bedtime and prayed for God's help to do the right thing and assist with the decisions they would make the following day.  Prayer brings change, and that change begins within each individual heart.Let us pledge ourselves to find time each day to seek God's will for ourselves and our families.  If we are prepared to abandon our lives to God's will, we will die to selfishness.  He will direct us and the world will be changed, one heart at a time.

Joan Levy Earle