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​​July 25, 2015.  Welcome

Joan's Message of Hope​​

Make every day count

I opened my mailbox yesterday to find it full. I hated the reason why, but in time, the pain will subside.

I just attended the funeral of my only son, John Earle, who died on July 18. He was 43. He had been scuba diving, but had surfaced and signaled to his wife that he was in distress. She swam out to him, the paramedics came, but he had succumbed to a massive heart attack.

Hundreds of people came to pay their respects; people of all faiths, young and old. They all said the same thing. We will miss his smile, his ability to listen sincerely, and his passion for life.

How does one survive such a  shock? John's older sister Lisa said: "I didn't just lose my brother; I lost my special friend." She is an only child now. She knows too that her responsibility will be to help to keep his memory alive for his two children, a son who is 9 and an 11 year old daughter. John also gained a 20 year old step daughter, through marriage to Alyssa Blais.

Some years ago I learned from the writings of St. Josemaria Escriva that it is not enough to simply say: "Oh well, it is God's will."

Escriva, the founder of Opus Dei showed me that we must truly embrace His will. To embrace means to pray daily that the challenges of life should never be questioned. To question means that we are not living faithfully; at one with the will of Our Father in heaven Who gives us our daily bread.

This new challenge will certainly be difficult for me; we are not supposed to outlive our children, but I know I am not the only mother who has suffered such a loss.

I take comfort that my community loved my son very much, my church continues to pray, which is supporting John's wife, sister, his children and myself as we walk this path of grief.

The grace of God sustains us.

I suggest you hug those you love a little tighter this week; who knows if it might be your last chance.

Sincerely, Joan Levy Earle​

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